Turn your iPhone into a DashCam (free!) - Formerly known as "Movies and Maps Recorder"

DashCam Recorder

Use your iPhone/iPad as a dashcam. Available from the Apple AppStore

iOS 9.0 / 10.0 / 11.0 version

iOS 12.0 and higher version


Key Features

● No learning curve, simple one button operation
● Privacy option, shows a black screen while recording
● Sync videos directly to Photos & iCloud (unlimited storage)
● Infinite loop recording option with adjustable buffer size
● Non-stop continuous recording, no accidental loss

Note: To visualise the recorded & embedded data an ISO6709 player is required such as Movies And Maps.

►►► Requirements

  • An iPhone / iPad with GPS
  • Car dashboard/window mount

►►► Operation

Open the App and press ‘record’ to continuously record movies in 3 minute intervals. Phone calls will interrupt recording, but once the call has ended, recording will continue. Movies are saved to Photos for easy access and editing.