Digital Shop PHP eCommerce

Sell Digital Downloads Online !


With the Digital Shop PHP eCommerce script you can sell digital content such as software, scripts, music, ebooks, documents, photos or videos online on your own website. The shop works completely autonomously, customers purchase your products and pay with PayPal or a regular bank account.

The shop features a single-click checkout service (no registration required), and when using an online bank service customers are automatically provided with a download key by email once the payment is in your account.

Installation is simple – you will have your digital shop up and running within minutes!

  1. No monthly fees
    You are in complete control of your own shop
    Updates are free, you receive notification by email
  2.  Secure & Fast
    Downloads are private and protected by a unique key.
    Transactions are checked on 7 points.
    Lightweight, hard-coded, super fast.
  3. Small learning curve, easy to understand
  4. Unique features
    Integrated album feature for selling ebooks,
    photos, MP3’s and more
  5. No registration required
    Customers provide their email address and can
    immediately proceed to the checkout!
  6. Website integration
    By using the iframe method the shop system is easily
    integrated in existing websites
  7. Multiple payment options
    Customers can pay with PayPal or a regular bank transfer.
  8. Loaded with features
    Coupon, invoice, rating, email,
    RSS, sitemap, affiliate system, multi-language,
    pay what you want, remote files, search, …
  9. Clean layout, easy navigation, reliable operation
  10. Flexible operation
    Sell a single download or multiple downloads in one sale
  11. Adjustable layout
    Change colors and table borders from the web interface
    Use customized icons for downloads and categories
  12. FTP content to the shop
    Upload large or many files simply by FTP and add them
    with one click to the shop!
  13. Sell very large files
    You can sell very large files, the shop automatically
    splits the files which can be joined after downloading.
    Or use X-Sendfile
  14. Unprotected PHP code
    You can read and modify the PHP code

Random user comments:

“I am just amazed how great this shop script is. I have tried and paid for several scripts for my bookshop, but NEVER could I get it really done or have been satisfied 100%.”

“A lot of functions and it’s still that easy to use and install, just an amazing work and good script.”

“My shop is working really good I am very very happy with it.”

How does it work?

You need a free PayPal account to receive payments. PayPal is an online bank, you can make payments and receive payments once you have registered and your account has been confirmed. They will be the intermediary between your customers and your Digital Shop. Your customers do not require an account, they can pay using a credit card. An alternative payment method is by regular bank transfer, however this requires you to monitor incoming payments and you have to process the sale manually.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


A customer visits your site and purchases one or more products from your shop. The checkout process is very simple, only an email address is required.

The payment is handled by PayPal this is a free service, you pay a small percentage over the sale to PayPal to handle the payment for you. Once they confirm the payment back to the shop your customer will receive an email containing a download key and optionally an invoice (with tax if applicable).

With the download key the customer is able to download the product from your webshop. Customers do not need to login or register on your website, they only need a download key. The key automatically expires after a period of time or number of downloads. In case of a lost key, the customer simply enters the email address used in the purchase and the key will be resend.

The shop works completely autonomously, once it is up and running no action is required from your end!


The Digital Shop in more detail

You can upload or FTP new digital content to the shop. You can write a title and description for the product, assign it to a category and/or subcategory and set a price & discount. You can create as many categories and subcategories as you want. The system keeps track of email addresses, order codes, download keys, transaction ID’s, invoicing, revenue, number of downloads, expiry period of the keys and much more. Expert users could use FileMaker to manipulate the database directly and add 1000’s of products quickly.

When you have a large amount of files to sell, you can upload them in one batch by FTP and add them with a few clicks automatically to the shop with their own category, price, description and unique title.

It is possible to delete keys, reset or reactivate them and edit descriptions, titles, discounts and prices for the products in the shop. You can remove products from the shop or temporarily disable them. Updating digital content is possible by uploading the new file which will replace/overwrite the old file.

By using the mass-email option you can reach all customers or specific customers for a product from your shop. You can inform them about a special promotion or if an update for a software product has become available. Optionally you can ‘reactivate’ the download keys so your customers can download the update for free by using their old keys. Another option to keep your customers updated is the integrated RSS feed.

The coupon system allows you to generate cash discount coupons which can be used towards a purchase in your shop. The coupon system is also integrated with the mass-email system allowing you to send all your customers an individual coupon and drive sales.

The option to add a manual sale improves your flexibility as a shop owner to grant customers complimentary free downloads, or cope with the rare occasion that a PayPal transaction was not properly confirmed back to your shop.

Pay What You Want downloads are downloads where the customer decides how much he wants to pay. This could be nothing (free download) or any amount above that.

Free downloads which only require email registration to download are also possible by providing a 100% discount on a product. This allows you to keep track of a customer base and inform them when a special promotion or update comes along.

Selling ebooks, photos, MP3’s or any other file from albums is a unique feature to Digital Shop and creating an album is as simple as it gets, FTP your icons for the ebooks, MP3 samples or thumbnail sized photos and the original files you want to sell to a directory on the webserver and enable the album feature! Optionally it can create 10sec MP3 sample tracks and stamp a watermark on your thumbnails and present an age disclaimer for albums with explicit content.

The ‘most popular’ and ‘featured product’ option can be used to attract more customers to specific products. By using icons for your product it greatly enhances the look of the shop. Another option to attract visitors is the ‘Add This’ button which is displayed below the main menu to allow visitors to share your shop URL with many others.

The ‘rating system’ allows customers to rate your products with stars ranging from 1 to 5. This adds additional value to your shop and confidence to your visitors. The ‘search’ option allows customers to search through the entire shop contents based on a keyword and presents the results in a clear overview to your customer.

By enabling the affiliate system visitors will be able to register as an affiliate of your webshop and drive traffic to your website by placing links and/or banners on their websites. For each order these affiliates generate they will receive a commission. This is a great tool for generating more sales.

The Digital Shop is ‘SEO – Search Engine Optimized’ it includes a customer and XML based sitemap and allows direct linking to your products by title or filename. Digital Shop has a ‘stand alone order page’ which means you can link directly to the order/checkout page by simply placing the checkout URL of a product on a page or email.

A special option for Digital Shop is the ‘iframe option’ which allows you to integrate the shop into your own website. This makes it very easy and simple to add a digital shop feature to your site. See tweaking Digital Shop for more details.

The Digital Shop is available in 5 languages for it’s front end but other languages can easily be added. The layout of the shop is customizable, you can select different table borders, colors, add your own borders or use custom headers, footers or backgrounds.

Digital Shop keeps track of the revenue generated for each product and the fees you paid to PayPal. The transaction list which details each purchase can be downloaded and imported into any spreadsheet program for further analysis.

Programming skills are not required, you provide your details in the configuration file by using a text-editor like notepad or textedit, and the Digital Shop script will take care of everything else. The basic skills you require are: you should be able to FTP files to your website, edit the configuration file in a text editor to provide your passwords and MySQL details, create an online bank account to receive payments, and on some webservers it might be required to set the ‘privileges’ to the uploaded files (the read/write access).

What is Digital Shop not?. Digital Shop is not able to sell physical products that need to be shipped, as it does not require customers to register anything other than their email address. It is purely a shop system for digital downloads. Digital Shop is intended for ‘medium-sized’ digital shops, although you can sell up to 9999 individual files, have close to 100.000 tracks, ebooks or photos in your 999 albums, this would make it difficult to manage. If your digital business is that big, you probably need something bigger than Digital Shop. A note on templates: Digital Shop is not a template based system, you can change colors, backgrounds, borders, but the layout is fixed in a 2 column or 3 column structure.


Some notes on security, costs and taxes:

The files from your shop are protected by a special webserver file named .htaccess. In addition filenames have been modified to a series of letters and numbers which are impossible to guess. The modified filename is only used on the server and will never be revealed. A purchase is presented as an on-the-fly download without using a direct URL to the file (large files of hundreds of MB’s are no problem, the Digital Shop will split these files up in smaller parts which can be joined after the download is complete). Should your server support X-Sendfile, you can enable this option in Digital Shop and all files will be transferred using this method, this is especially useful for large files like videos. These measures will adequately prevent unauthorized access to your files.

The download key consists of 15 randomly selected characters and numbers, which will make a key very hard to guess as the script will block access after 3 failed attempts. The online transaction is checked on 7 points before a download key will be issued and implements the latest security recommendations.


The only cost to get started is the purchase of the Digital Shop script. The Digital Shop PHP script is now completely FREE. The PayPal account is free; you pay a small percentage over each sale they handle for you. Of course you need a web server to host the Digital Shop script.

Taxes & Invoices

PayPal allows you to set tax rules according to your location in your PayPal online account. These taxes will automatically be added during the checkout process with PayPal. Digital Shop keeps a record of each purchase and receives country information via the checkout process, this is used in the invoice Digital Shop automatically creates and sends to your customer. Should your revenue be above your tax threshold for the country you live in, you will be able to identify the amount of taxes you need to pay. In case you sell to a business and they require a VAT refund, you can handle it manually with a refund.