SimpleBoard to Drupal

Migrate from Simple/JoomlaBoard to Drupal 6 Forum


This howto is based on migrating from Mambo 4.5.5 with SimpleBoard 1.1.0 to Drupal 6.9, using Mysql 5 and PHP 5. This should be the same for Joomlaboard. It should work for other versions as the SimpleBoard/JoomlaBoard did not change much – just try.

At first it seems impossible to do this without a lot of effort, but luckily there was a script around that did the conversion. Unfortunately the script was not working as it should but with a minor ‘tweak’ it did the job (for those who are interested: changed mysql_fetch_object to mysql_fetch_array). The process involves a conversion from SimpleBoard to phpBB and then from phpBB to Drupal. OK lets get started …

Basis: A new Drupal installation (empty), all forums and CMS systems should be running on the same server. The conversion will import all users to Drupal, all forums, categories, topics, etc.

As always … Make backups first !!!!!

  1. Unzip phpBB 2.0.23 and upload all files to a directory on your webserver where you also have simpleboard/joomlaboard running
  2. Open the phpBB install/install.php in a browser and go through the standard phpBB installation
  3. Edit the convertboard script and provide your MySQL details and Simpleboard /Joomlaboard and phpBB table prefixes
  4. Upload the convertboard script to your webserver
  5. Open the convertboard.php script in your browser and cross your fingers that the conversion goes through OK 😉
  6. Add the module phpbb2drupal to your drupal installation and follow the instructions to import the phpBB
  7. Remove the phpBB tables from your database, the converter and phpBB files from your server
  8. Remove the phpbb2drupal from your drupal installation

Note that some of the layout options from the SimpleBoard/JoomlaBoard forum such as [code1], [b], [quote], etc. will not be converted. You can fix this by using PhpMyAdmin, select the table ‘drupal_comment’, click the tab ‘SQL’ and paste the following code:

UPDATE `drupal_comments` SET comment = replace(comment,"[code1]","<code&gt;");

Run the command by hitting the ‘go’ button. An repeat the procedure by converting the end tags:

UPDATE `drupal_comments` SET comment = replace(comment,"[/code1]","</code&gt;");

That’s all !!!!

Thx a lot to Martijn de Jong and Olle Johansson the writers of the PHP conversion script.