Tweaking Digital Shop

Customise your webshop

You are of course free to modify the script as you like for use on your web-server. The code is not obfuscated, instead it was written to be as easy to understand as possible, therefore comments are inserted at strategic points and logic variable names have been assigned.

The layout of the shop is table-based. At first instance one could comment that this is ‘outdated’, however it does allow a uniform cross-browser based layout without any custom browser fix or work-around. In addition a table-based layout is, especially for beginning programmers, easier to understand.

In the example below you see what it takes to render an entire shop-page (in this case a ‘Hello World’ example):


// Digital Shop version 3.0.0
// See the included End User License Agreement (EULA)

// Insert the page header

// Main content
// ******************

echo "Hello World";

// ******************
// End main content

// Insert the page footer


The file names are equally logic in naming, menu_left.php would create the left side menu; menu_right creates the right side menu. If you want to move items from the left menu to the right menu, just copy & paste.

Programming support is not part of the purchase of the Digital Shop script, however the forum on this website is open for discussions.

iframe Integration

As you can see on this website the Digital Shop script allows you to easily integrate it on an existing website and layout by using the iframe option. With the iframe option enabled, only the core features of the script are active, borders and side-menus disappear and backgrounds become transparent. To re-create the links to the various functions in the shop create iframes on your website which point to the following links:

  • Home page : message.php?message=home
  • Main page : digitalshop.php?start=0&category=0&showphotoalbum=0
  • Checkout : digitalcart.php
  • Download : download.php
  • Search : inc/search.php
  • Sitemap : digitalshop.php?sitemap=1
  • FAQ : message.php?message=faq
  • Contact : digitalshop.php?contact=1&start=0&category=0&showphotoalbum=0
  • Affiliate center : affiliate.php
  • Terms and conditions : message.php?message=disclaimer

Thats all!