Photo Pixel Filter

Turn your Photos into Paintings

You can turn any photo into a realistic looking painting with Photo Pixel Filter. There are different ways to do it, feel free to experiment, the following steps will give you one possible approach:

  • Add a “Bokeh” effect to the photo, this blurs the photo into triangles or 10 sided polygons
  • Play with the strength of the Bokeh effect for different results
  • Apply the “Painting” effect, adjust the strength so that the Bokeh polygons are no longer visible
  • Add a “Distortion” effect to simulate wobbly strokes
  • Finally add an “Emboss” effect to create the feeling of layers of paint

That’s it!

You could also add a “Texture” effect to create a more realistic paper / canvas feel.

Once the painting is ready, play with the colors, adjust saturation, luminance, vibrance, shadows or LUT’s to get the colors to your liking.

Have fun!