Photo Pixel Filter

Improve, Fix & Enhance Photo's

Set your creativity free!
Improve your photos and create personal and unique photo filters with this easy to use App.
Over 150+ different adjustments, combine them as you like to give your photos a very unique and personal touch.
Save your result as a workflow (preset), so the next time you need it, you can recreate the same effect with a single click.
With no learning curve, and only a few sliders and drop down boxes you’ll be up and running in no time!


An overview of all the color things you can adjust:
  • Adjust Red, Green and Blue Mid-tones
  • Adjust the 5-point Tone Curve R,G,B & RGB
  • Adjust Gamma & Hue
  • Apply a Color Blend or Color Monochrome
  • Apply Sepia, Whitepoint or convert to a Binary Color
  • Apply a Color Fill, Haze removal or Solarize effect
  • Adjust Saturation, Temperature and Vibrance
  • Sharpen by Luminance adjustment
  • Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Exposure and Shadows
  • Change Saturation without affecting luminosity
  • Change Luminance without affecting color
  • Auto Adjust, Red Eye removal
  • Apply a Contrast Stretch or Equalize the histogram
  • Change to Greyscale, Mono Noir or Tonal
  • Fade or Invert all colors, apply a Chromatic Abbreviation filter
  • Apply a Chrome, Instant, Process or Transfer effect
  • Apply over 40 different LUTs and add your own
  • Apply a Histogram Specification from one photo to another
An overview of all the pixel things you can apply:
  • Flip, Rotate, Crop, Aspect Crop, Straighten
  • Horizontal & Vertical Keystone correction
  • High quality Resize (up and down)
  • Artifacts reduction filter
  • Adjustable Bokeh effect
  • Apply a Blur, Bloom or Gloom effect
  • Impressive Noise Reduction filter
  • Sharpen and Smooth Skin effect
  • Apply an Aquarel, Comic, Painting, Posterize, or Scratch effect
  • Apply a Contrast Sketch, Pencil Sketch or standard Sketch effect
  • Apply a Distortion, Texture or Emboss effect
  • Cross Hatch, Crystallize, Pointillize or Pixellate or Polkadot your photo
  • Find Edges or apply an Edgework effect
  • Add a Halo effect, Morphology or Square crop
  • Apply a Circular focus or Vignette effect
  • Apply over 25 different Photo Composite Effects
  • Apply over 15 different Kernels (convolution matrix)
  • Apply your own 3×3 or 5×5 Kernel


Some ideas to get started:
  • Use the Inspector panel (⌘I) to see which filters have been applied
  • A Bokeh effect before applying a painting / sketch filter gives great results
  • Play with Saturation and Luminosity to pop or fade out colors
  • Apply a Monochrome Color or LUT to give the photo a totally different feel
  • Emboss, or use a textured distortion on your sketch / painting for a realistic effect
  • Use the Gamma correction to change brightness and bring out colors or shadows
  • and so much more …. !


Short tutorials:


Batch Processing:
Use the batch processing functionality (⌘B) to apply your custom designed workflow to an entire photoshoot. Any workflow you create can be used in batch processing, resize, watermark, color grading, everything is possible.


This App is completely private, all the processing takes places on your computer, nothing is uploaded, no signup or account is needed.
Please leave a review in the Appstore with comments for improvements or feature requests, or just a rating.