Batch Wipe EXIF Information


EasyPhpWipeJPG is a free utility to ‘batch’ remove and erase EXIF, IPTC and comment information from JPG files! No configuration or editing is required. Just drop the single file solution in the webdirectory you want to clean and press ‘Start Wipe!’. All JPG images will be cleaned – just sit back and relax.

Note: EasyPhpThumbnail provides an easy method to integrate this functionality in your own project.

This script will remove all EXIF, IPTC & Comment information from JPG images. The resulting image will be 100% identical to the original image, without any quality loss (binary wipe). Why shoud you remove EXIF, IPTC & Comment information?

  • For privacy considerations
    • The image might contain sensitive data (camera brand, model, GPS location, etc.)
  • For SEO considerations
    • Unwanted tags from manufacturers like “LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01”
  • To reduce filesize
    • If you have many images online, it is a waste of harddisc capacity(and bandwidth)

Getting started

  1. Download and unzip the EasyPhpWipeJPG file
  2. Upload the file to your webdirectory
  3. Open the page in your browser and start the JPG wipe!

That’s all!!


If you would like to clean all your JPG files, drop the file in the ‘root’ (or top) directory of your webserver and open the page in your webbrowser. Your entire directory and subdirectory structure will be examined and all JPG files will be cleaned.

Info for the experts

  1. This is a binary wipe – image quality is not affected
  2. The directory structure is determined by a recursive function
  3. The images will be processed in batches (no limit to the amount of images)
  4. The user has the option to backup images and restore or remove them later
  5. It is possible to interrupt the process at any moment by pressing ‘Cancel’
  6. As this is a pure binary wipe and only JPG headers are read, it is lightning fast