Limit your VPN downtime to the absolute minimum!

VPN Monitor is a status bar application to immediately reconnect a dropped VPN connection. Available from the Apple AppStore.

The flexible ‘Always On’ VPN solution for macOS.

Key Features

  • No need to enter VPN account information
  • Reconnects L2TP & Cisco IPSec
  • Reconnects PPTP (macOS 10.11 or earlier)
  • Fallback feature for unresponsive VPN servers
  • Safe network option (standby on whitelisted networks)
  • Temporary disconnect
  • Auto connect at App startup
  • HUD panel with status information
  • Desktop notifications
  • Heartbeat

Note: Unable to reconnect IKEv2 (due to macOS restrictions), however able to detect a dropped IKEv2 connection and reconnect to L2TP/IPSec.


VPN is an essential part of online security … you don’t want your connection to drop unnoticed!

►►► Important

VPN Monitor does not include a VPN service/subscription and it will not block outgoing traffic while the VPN connection is down. At least one ‘default’ VPN service should be manually configured under ‘System Preferences > Network’. See VPN Monitor’s built-in help for details on correct VPN configuration.

►►► Operation

The App gets notified of changes in macOS network connection status and immediately takes the required actions. Its efficient connect, reconnect and fallback approach ensures carefree operation. There is no CPU intensive ‘status polling’ involved (as in AppleScripts or other Apps).


It has secured my network connection whenever I’m away from a trusted network. I now no longer keep checking if my VPN connection is on! One less thing to worry about.


Keeps me connected all the time and reconnects quickly if I get dropped from my office VPN. Great tool that’s worth the small price to avoid frustrations and wasted time.