Control your Philips Hue system with macOS

What does TruHue Do:

  • Switch rooms, lights and schedules on/off
  • Change brightness, scene, color or color temperature
  • Select multiple rooms, lights and schedules at the same time
  • Apply scenes, colors or color temperature across multiple rooms
  • Quickly switch between Hue Bridges
  • Instantly know how many and which lights are on/off in your house
  • Provides an estimate of the total Hue system power consumption



What makes TruHue Different:

  • macOS native user interface, no learning curve
  • Responsive, click the statusbar icon for an immediate update
  • Control multiple rooms/lights at the same time to the same setting
  • No CPU/energy consumption when not in use
  • TruHue is safe and will not change your bridge configuration
  • TruHue provides a power consumption estimate of the Hue system (configurable)

What does TruHue Not Do?

  • You cannot configure the Hue Bridge or Hue Accessories
  • You cannot connect remotely

Key benefits:

Select multiple rooms/lights by using Command (⌘) – click, or double click to select everything in the same ‘state’ (on or off). Easily change multiple rooms/lights to the exact same scene, brightness, color or color temperature*.

►►► Effortless control of your Philips Hue system.

* The room/light needs to support the selected scene, color or temperature


TruHue is completely ad free, in-app purchase free, subscription free, private, safe (also for your bridge) and requires no sign-up.