Photo Pixel Filter

Turn you Photos into a Pencil Sketch

You can turn any photo into a pencil sketch with Photo Pixel Filter. There are different ways to do it, feel free to experiment, the following steps will give you one possible approach:

  • Add a “Pencil Sketch” effect to the photo
  • Optional: Apply another “Pencil Sketch” effect with different settings to get a heavier result
  • Apply the “Fade” option to fade colors or “Greyscale” for a sketch without color
  • Adjust “Gamma” and “Exposure” to enhance and lighten the darker parts

That’s it!

You could also resize the photo to 1024px and then apply the “Pencil Sketch” effect, copy it to the Composite Viewer, then undo your changes to get back to the original photo size. Now click “Resize” in the Composite viewer and apply one of the Composite effects, for example “Multiply”.

Have fun!