Photo Pixel Filter

De-noise and Upscale

You can improve photos taken with older camera’s and iPhone’s by de-noising them. With a high quality resize you can upscale them to the current megapixel standards without losing detail and quality. There are different ways to do it, feel free to experiment, the following steps will give you a possible approach:

  • Zoom in on the photo until you see the noise
  • Select the “Noise Reduction” filter and set a radius and intensity
  • Find the optimum setting that removes the noise, but keeps the sharpness
  • Optionally, increase the sharpness with the “Sharpen” or “Sharpen Luminance” filter afterwards
  • Resize the photo, use the “reduce artifacts” option when needed

That’s it!

Tip: De-noising can also improve photo’s in general (smoother skin, “popping” colors, etc.)!

Have fun!


The original iPhone 4 photo in 5MP:

Zoom in on the noise:

De-noised & upscaled to 12MP:

Final result: