150 Features in one Script

EasyPhpAlbum (as of version 1.3.7) has the following features:

  • Configure thumbnail size, add a border around the thumbnail, add shadow or add a binder
  • Sort thumbnails by rating, hits, comments, date or by name
  • Clip the thumbnail corners, either straight, rounded, individually, random or not at all
  • Add a border image for the thumbnail or photo
  • Enable thumbnail opacity to fade-in or fade-out when the mouse moves over the thumbnail
  • Configure the amount of photos per page and next to each other
  • Search option to search by filename and textfiles/comments
  • Enable the preview option to show a thumbnail of the next photo when browsing
  • Option to create ‘square’ thumbnails for better site layout when using irregular shaped images
  • Option to upload your images in a zip archive (very easy to upload multiple images!)
  • Display the photo in a browseable popup window or on the page itself
  • Set the album and content margins and width
  • Add an image to use as page header or footer
  • Photo fader for smooth slideshow and browsing transitions
  • Set the album title or display the directoryname as the title
  • Use icons to represent the photo albums
  • Enable or disable the slideshow and set the interval in milliseconds
  • Configure the menu layout and add a custom menu item or add a ‘dir up’ menu item
  • Add a menu background image
  • Make the page background transparent for improved site integration
  • Enable or disable to navigation menu
  • Configure a page background image and position it on the page
  • Center or left-align the entire album on the page
  • Include multimedia files such as music and movies in the album
  • Show photo information: filename, EXIF or file date, size, dimensions, EXIF comments,
  • Show photo information: IPTC caption, a download link to the original file or a textfile with photo description
  • Set font type to bold or italic for photo name and information
  • Randomly rotate the thumbnail
  • Explicit content disclaimer (18+ content)
  • Enable the photo rating system, visitors can select a score from 1 to 5
  • Enable the hitcounter to count the total amount of views per photo or per album
  • Use a graphical or text based rating and hitcounter system
  • Enable visitors to leave a comment with the photo, with comment size restriction and email copy to admin
  • Allow visitors to upload files to the album
  • Password protected visitor upload and option to screen uploaded photo’s before publishing
  • Allow visitors to sort the album by rating, date or amount of hits
  • Enable the comment counter to display the amount of comments with the thumbnail
  • Enable or disable the ’email-to-a-friend’ link
  • Dynamically resize the photo for the web to a fixed size or resize the photo based on the visitors screenwidth
  • Enable or disable resize beyond the original size (inflate)
  • Convert the photo to a greyscale
  • Add a sephia and noise effect (makes the photo look old)
  • Add a copyright notice in small text anywhere on the photo
  • Add and position a watermark on the photo with selectable transparancy
  • Configure all colors used in EasyPhpAlbum (up to 26)
  • Enable a visitor login system that requires a valid username and password in order to view the gallery with photos
  • Configure your server settings (GD1 or GD2) and use ImageMagick for resize/rotate
  • Use an automatic thumbnail cache for quicker display
  • Set a maximum amount of albums and filesize (for a simple hosting service)
  • Enable the simple ‘shop-system‘ to allow on-line ordering of photos
  • Add META information to the album for the search engines
  • Browse the album with the arrow keys on the keyboard
  • and much, much more…

And for file management:

  • Upload up to 6 photos simultanuously (good when travelling and uploading from an internet cafe)
  • Upload your photos in a zip archive!
  • Create backups of your original photos on your webserver
  • Resize (also check manual batch-resizing) and rotate photos for publication on the web (backup photos are not modified)
  • Delete and rename photos
  • Add new photo albums (and delete them)
  • Add a detailed description for the photo

EasyPhpAlbum is a single script application, you can configure it using the administrator interface or modify the code to suit your needs and add custom headers, footers or new functions.

Some random user comments:

“A dream to work with!”
“What a fanTASTic script!”
“Superb Script”