Photo Pixel Filter

Cartoonify your Photos

You can give a photo a cartoonish style with Photo Pixel Filter. There are different ways to do it, some of the options like “Comic” and “Comic Novel” might work equally well, feel free to experiment, the following steps will give you another possible approach:

  • Click “Copy” on the Composite viewer to keep a copy of the photo for later use
  • Reduce noise in the photo (if needed)
  • Apply a “Contrast Sketch”, play with the strength to get a clean outline of the subject
  • Select “Multiply Blend” in the Composite viewer and adjust the strength of the effect to your liking
  • Adjust Saturation and Luminosity, increase or decrease Shadows until you’re happy with the result

That’s it!

Tip: Try a “Cross Hatch” at the end to create an even more realistic cartoon effect!

Have fun!