Card game klaberjass, Kalabriasz, Clobiosh

★  klaverjassen_scoreblad.xls.zip  ★  klaverjassen_scoreblad.pdf  

Klaverjassen is the Dutch name for a four player trick-taking card game using the piquet deck of playing cards. It is closely related to the Hungarian/Romanian card game klaberjass (also known as Kalabriasz, Clobiosh, and other similar spellings). Klaverjassen is one of the most popular card games in the Netherlands, traditionally played in cafes and social clubs, as well as at home.

The game is easy to learn and very addictive, but offers a considerable level of complexity and depth. The game has numerous variants, but the core rules are basically the same.

The attached file is a score sheet for Klaverjassen in PDF or Excel format.

★  klaverjassen_scoreblad.xls.zip  ★  klaverjassen_scoreblad.pdf