ADS-B Radar

Track & Spot Aircraft - with notifications!

What is ADS-B Radar?

An aircraft tracking & spotting app that lives on the macOS menu bar. At a glance you know how many aircraft are currently in range of your ADS-B radio receiver. Click the icon to open a map showing the position of the aircraft, the route and all ADS-B flight statistics. The map is continuously refreshed and aircraft animate to their new position. The route is visible on the map, blue represents level flight, while green, orange and red represent an increasing/decreasing vertical rate of speed.




When you’re not using the app, it monitors the air traffic and is able to notify you if it spots specific callsigns, icao codes, countries or squawks. It will also spot high or low altitudes, vertical rates, speeds, the distance to your receiver and the number of aircraft within reception range. A local macOS notification will be shown (see below). If you have the map open, the notification will be displayed on the map.




Re-post Notifications

It is possible to re-post the notifications and aircraft information in JSON to a web server for further action. For example you might want to receive an email, tweet, auto post to a blog or log interesting data to a database. Further details on the JSON format are available here.

ADS-B Radar requires hardware!

This app requires the aircraft.json file generated by dump1090 decoder software. If you are feeding websites such as FlightAware, FlightRadar24 or AirNav RadarBox with ADS-B data you will be able to use this app straight away.
Otherwise you need to purchase an ADS-B receiver or build one yourself, it’s a small DIY project. If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can easily turn it into an ADS-B 1090Mhz receiver for around 10 to 20 USD. There are lot’s of websites explaining how to get started, including one right here.
This app does not rely on a built-in or online database with aircraft information, it works completely autonomous. In turn, it will not display information such as airport of departure, destination, aircraft type, etc. Simply click the copy button next to the aircraft on the map, and search the internet by callsign and/or ICAO code.
Tip: Install the Apple SF Pro font on your Mac for nicer symbols in the flight information window.





ADS-B Radar is completely ad free, in-app purchase free, subscription free, private, safe and requires no sign-up or API registration.