One of the interesting features of EasyPhpAlbum is that you can use it to create a backup of your digital photos during your trip and at the same time publish your photos on the web for your family or friends. By adding comments to the photos your trip-journal is complete!

Requirements: Access to the php.ini configuration file of your PHP installation to increase the upload and memory limit

Short How-to (including installation procedure):

  • Create a directory on your webserver, for example 'photoalbums'
  • Write-enable this directory (chmod 0777 photoalbums/) or use your FTP programme to do this (right-click on the directory name)
  • Edit the index.php file and enable admin access by setting '$admin_access=false;' to '$admin_access=true;' and enter a new login and password
  • Upload the index.php to the 'photoalbums' directory
  • Open your browser and enter the following URL:
  • Enter your login name and password to continue
  • Now you can create the 1st album by entering an album name, for example 'vacation' and by clicking the 'create album' button
  • Click the album name and try to upload one or multiple 'test-photos' from your digital camera. If the filesize of the photo is too big, the upload could fail. Increase the upload limit in php.ini and try again. If you are unable to edit the php.ini file (in /etc/ or C:\windows) you are not able to upload photos of this size. You will have to resize the photos on the PC before uploading. In order to still have a 'real' backup during your trip, you can try to email the photos to your own email address.
  • Create a backup of the photos by enabling the backup option and click the button 'backup'
  • If all is well the backups have been created and you are able to modify the photos for web-publication (the backup photos will not be affected), otherwise go back to step 2
  • Select a suitable size in the 'resize' box (640px is usually OK) and select the images you would like to resize and click 'resize'
  • If all went well, the photos should be resized. If not, the photos are too big to be resized with PHP. Either increase the memory-limit in the php.ini file, or click the 'configuration' button to enable 'ImageMagick' (server-section). Try to resize the photos again with ImageMagick enabled. If the photos are still not being resized, ImageMagick is not installed on your server and you have to resize the images on your PC and upload them again in a smaller size.
  • After the photos have been resized you are able to click the 'add text' link followed by 'edit text' to write your comments for the photo
  • Click the 'configuration' button and personalise your copy of EasyPhpAlbum, click 'save' after your changes and click 'view' to observe the result
  • When you are finished click the 'logout' button to leave the administrator interface

Now you have prepared your photoalbum for your trip! When you are in an internet cafe transfer the photos from your camera to the PC, login on your photoalbum as administrator and upload the photos to your album. Create a backup and resize the photos for publication on the web.

Some tips:

  • Don't forget to bring your USB cable in order to transfer photos to the PC
  • You can configure EasyPhpAlbum to sort according to filedate so the photos are in a chronological order, otherwise make sure your photos are in the correct alphabetical order
  • Enable the 'visitor' login to block access to your album from the public and provide a general login and password for your family or friends


The 'Main' page with the installed photo-albums:
Album configuration
The 'File Administration' page with the uploaded photos:file administration

Backup has been created, resize photos:
Resize images
Please note:

v = view
= restore the web-photo with the backup photo (overwrite)
d = delete photo from backup

Add text to the photo, and click 'save text' to save the modifications:Add text to photo