Border feature (from version 1.3.3):

The border feature allows you to add a custom border around your thumbnail, for example leaves, a real photoframe, a dia/film-look or anything else you can think of. It is even possible to have 'rough' edges so you are no longer stuck with the standard 'square-box look'. It is also possible to apply the border to the 'real' photo generating a nice effect: show screenshot

Some examples:
Borderexample Border example Border example

Download these borders

How was this 'rough-edges' border created?
  1. Create a blank image in an image editor (PhotoFiltre Free for example)
  2. Draw an outline of the edges on the image with the editors 'cut-out' tool
  3. Invert the selection so the outline of the image is selected + the edges
  4. Fill this outline with the color of your EasyPhpAlbum page color (in this case black)
  5. The inside of the edges should be a different color, for example red
  6. Select the color red as the 'transparent color' before saving, this color will be 'invisible' and shows the photo afterwards
  7. Save the image in the PNG format, for example border-image.png
  8. Upload the image to a new directory in your album called 'gfx'
  9. Open the admin configuration panel of EasyPhpAlbum (see script for details)
  10. In the section 'thumbnails' enter the path of the border image, in this case: gfx/border-image.png
  11. Save your configuration and observe the result!