BBC Java Emulator

Just amazing!
Some 25 years ago the BBC-B 8-bit 32Kb microcomputer was top of the line when it came to computing. Revolutionary games like ELITE set the standard for the early 3D gaming era. Nowadays the entire BBC-B computer can be emulated in a JAVA applet run from your browser...

Enjoy this version of JEMU the JAVA based emulator. Read the manuals below to get started. The game Elite is pre-loaded, just click the applet once and type *RUN !BOOT to start.

Your first program:

Click the applet and type: 10 PRINT "HELLO WORLD"
On a new line type: RUN
Thats it!


Download your own software here: BBC-B ROMs
Download JEMU full source here: JEMU Source
The JEMU homepage: JEMU Homepage
BBC-B Resources: Resources

Additional resources:

Below you will find the Netbeans 7 source code for the JEMU Emulator (only the BBC-B to keep the filesize smaller) as well as some manuals that you need to get started with the BBC-B & Elite!



BBC Microcomputer Advanced User Guide.pdf4 MB
Elite-Manual.pdf6.44 MB