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VPN Monitor

Monitor and automatically reconnect any VPN service under MAC OS. Keep track of total uptime, total downtime and amount of reconnect attempts. When multiple VPN services are configured, VPN Monitor will cycle through the list until a successful connection has been established. Never drop your VPN connection again!


Movies And Maps

Movies And Maps plays your movie files and plots the GPS route and position from the log files on a map. The GPS position is continuously updated while the movie is playing. At any point you can take a full resolution snapshot of the movie and crop, rotate, sharpen and enhance the image before saving. Supports the Mini 0806 NMEA GPS log format and all other 080x cameras, as well as the Novatek 0903. The universal NMEA import filter can be configured to import any NMEA GPS log.

v3.0.4 new, January 2014 release

Digital Shop

Digital Shop : Most popular!

Sell your digital content such as music, software, ebooks, documents, scripts, videos or photo's online. All you require is web server with PHP + MySQL and a PayPal account to receive payments!

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3GB Webspace - FREE !! webhosting

Sign up to receive 3GB of free bonus space for life. gives you a domain, homepage, email, Cloud Drive and much more.

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Personal Weather Dashboard


PWdashboard: Publish your real-time Weewx weather data on your own website!

Innovative HTML5 based SVG dashboard with dynamic charts, animated gauges, sortable data tables, support for Imperial & Metric views, date picker for the time period to view, data zoom function, a map, and a data filter to eliminate bad measurements.


EasyPhpAlbum - over 80,000+ downloads!

EasyPhpAlbum is a FREE thumbnail gallery script and the easiest way to publish your photos on the web. Only 1 file has to be included with your photos to publish them online!

NEW: EasyPhpAlbum Lite a free, smaller, faster version with a CSS based layout.

3D Postcard

3D Postcard Generator : #2 selling software product!
Create a FREE postcard!

Turn your photo into a 3D postcard with your own personalized message, colors and layout! FREE to use, you can purchase a copy of the software in the shop for use on your website.

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Thumbnail class

EasyPhpThumbnail Class

The FREE EasyPhpThumbnail class allows you to handle image manipulation and generate thumbnails for GIF, JPG and PNG on-the-fly. Resize, crop, rotate, flip, save as, shadow, watermark, text, border, sharpen, blur, water ripple, twirl, mirror reflection, displacement maps, APNG animation and more! Very easy to use.

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v2.1.3 !new!
FTP Scheduler

JAVA FTP Scheduler

Automate your FTP upload and download tasks.The standard FREE version scans for new tasks every 10 seconds, the professional version allows a schedule (date and time) to be set with a repeat interval in minutes.

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